August 13th, 2002


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Things to do this week:
  • Working tonight from 5 to 9, Thursday from 5 to 9 and Saturday from 10 to 4. (For some reason many people have been asking for my work schedule)
  • Hang out with melissa before she leaves for California.
  • Have dinner with Brenna and Chad (and drink their beer).
  • Buy tickets for shows mentioned here (maybe not all of them, but atmosphere show for sure)

    I'm sure I'm missing something there. I should clean my room and I'm suppose to do some yard work, I think. blah.

    I don't really like working in the evening. It means I wake up and sit around and don't really do anything.
    Almost time to leave for work now.
  • villain

    Things on my mind right now

    I can't find my cd wallet. The last place I saw it was in my car when I was leaving the PBUHFBP. I swapped a cd before driving to brendan's place. When I came back to my car after playing DOA3 with the kids, I noticed that the passenger side door was unlocked and just open enough to leave the dome light on. I was worried for a moment because I thought someone had gotten in my car, but I looked around and the stereo was still there and there was loose cds and books in the back seat that weren't touched at all. But now I can't find the cd wallet and I am worried that maybe someone got in the car and just too that. I don't know. I hope it turns up soon.

    Work was alright. The last two hours there, I was pretty consistently busy, which was nice.
    I'm feeling a little tired now, but I'm also feeling like I want to go out and do something. I think going to Watertown tonight would be fun. I haven't gone in a couple weeks and it would be nice to see some friends. There is no real reason so go to bed now because I don't have any plans tomorrow. A day off with nothing to do. Oh boy. I should go try and be productive or something.