August 6th, 2002


Presentation is everything.

I don't like this air
but that don't mean we'll stop breathing it.

Dante's was a good time tonight. It's so nice having money again that I can carelessly spend at the bar. I really shouldn't do that, but Dante's is pretty cheap so I'm not bothered that much by it tonight. Had some good talks with some friends, had some good drinks at the bar, had some good pinball (135 million on south park) after everyone left. In this world, in this life, I am content right now. My job is decent even though it may be not quite as much money as I wish it would be. My relationships with my friends are decent even though I have no significant other to share my happiness with. All I would really want is sex anyways. Granted, I'm still at my parent's house, but I think I can be out of there by the end of the year if I try, which I will.
Nothing is really that bad. Is this a good thing? I hope so. I may be just trying to convince myself.

This is sort of a drunk post here, but I think I am capable of making enough of a point that things make sense.

I am always writing posts and then using words that I think are right but I'm just not quite sure. I end up looking up the word on just to double check the meaning to make sure I'm using it correctly. I end up doing this on almost every post. Perfection is important to me. Presentation is everything.
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