July 27th, 2002


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I went to the mercury tonight for the first time. I enjoyed myself somewhat. it's a neat club. I would like to go back sometime. I had a bit to drink when I was there, but I've had a bit more now that I'm at the house. yay for my drunkiness. :P

I'm at my sister and brother-in-laws house now. It's really close to the playtest location so I figured I might as well stay here. It would be a lot easier for me. Time to crash in the bed pretty soon. I've managed to stay up later then I would like, but I am absoluted positive I have set the alarm correctly so everything should work out. yesterday, I accidentally set the alarm for pm instead of am and was almost late. thankfully, my dad was there to wake me up with enough time to get ready and leave. I really dislike depending on them, but when something like that happens, I'm glad they are there.

being drunk is much better then being depressed, yes?
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