July 26th, 2002


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I went to the Gaslamp with Erin tonight. We had a couple drinks and played a bit of pool. It was a delightful little time, it was. :)

There is an insect walking on my monitor. Why are there insects in my bedroom? This should not be.
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first day of the playtest is done. yay.

And now, I need to get out and do things with people.

This amuses me. What have I been doing all the past week? Playing video games instead of making money. What am I doing this weekend? Playing video games while making money.

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I just discovered an amazing feature in the GAIM chat client.

(20:47:12) abel: I am going to find some food
(20:47:18) abel: so I'll talk to you later
(20:47:21) me: ok
(20:47:22) me: bue
(20:47:24) me: byue
(20:47:29) me: ack
(20:47:31) me: stupid you
(20:47:33) me: i
(20:47:34) me: you
(20:47:46) abel: *I crieS*
(20:47:49) me: i'm confused now
(20:47:55) me: i type "you"
(20:48:05) me: " you "
(20:48:10) me: _u_
(20:48:12) abel: stupid you
(20:48:18) me: and it types you
(20:48:25) me: how in the hell!
(20:48:49) abel: uhhhhhhh
(20:49:24) me: i don't know if i like that feature
(20:49:32) me: although it's sort of amusing