July 25th, 2002


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I'm trying to not let me self get pulled down. It can be difficult, though.
But today has started. This is good.
And it's cloudy and cold outside!
There is so much hope!
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I tire of this.
I ate some food, but I think it was going bad and now my stomach is attacking me. At least I didn't eat that much, though. The rest I threw away. But now I'm in this conflicted state of being hungry and having an upset stomach from eating something I shouldn't have. sigh.

I'm going to head up to the sister's house now and check in on things there. Since I'm house sitting, I think I'll be spending a lot of the weekend over there. But then, my mom is out of town this weekend as well, so I'll see about being around the parent's house cause just my dad is here.
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Websites are coming alive!!

I was taking an online survey a little bit ago. They were asking about a specific website I had used before. One of the questions was a little odd, so I copied it and changed it so it's asking about livejournal!

Poll #49203 survey

Now we’d like you to do something a little different and imagine that LiveJournal.com were to come to life as a person. Would you say you . . . ?

Really like and have a lot in common with
Like and have some things in common with
Like pretty much and have a few things in common with
Get along with OK but not have much in common with
Wouldn’t actually dislike but would have very little in common with
Wouldn’t like and would have nothing in common with
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