July 17th, 2002


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I was digging in the cabinet, looking for food and I found an old box of gelatin for cooking in there. There was an expiration date on there which stated that this product is best used by March 1st, 1985. Wow. One would think that the cabinet had been cleaned out since then. I was really hoping to find a can of spaghetti o's in there.

A conversation with myself

"Hey Pat, hows it going?"
"Ah, you know. I haven't really been doing that much today. Playing too many video games and playing with fotobilder a bunch mostly."
"That's pretty cool. Hey, um, I remember you mentioning about not planning to leave Seattle until your birthday, right?"
"Yea, what about it?"
"Well, I was wondering if you had any plans for your birthday yet, since you'll be here and all."
"No, I haven't made any plans at all. I mean, it's still like 3 months away."
"Yea, that's true. Well, the reason I'm asking is that there is something really cool happening that night."
"Something really cool? Like what?"
"Well, you heard about the Mr. Show live performance, right?"
"Holy shit. Don't tell me that the Seattle show is on October 11th. That would be mad crazy."
"Um.. Yea. It's on October 11th. Want to go?"
"Hell yes. Is there any good seats left?"
"Oh yea. The entire balcony level is completely open. You could practically have front row seats on the first balcony."
"That doesn't sound too bad. I totally want to go to that."
"Okay. I'll see what I can do."

So, I think I have two tickets to Mr. Show on October 11th.
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