July 9th, 2002


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I'm home from dante's. now. I'm totally drunk but that's ok because tony drove me there. i also feel quite loved (i need to have two lj moods selected at the same time here) because people gave me presents and such. tonight totally ruled. yay! many people came and gave me love before I leave. I dont' want ot leave at all now. i want to stay in seattle and be with all my ffffriends and such. so conflicted. ah, i was so great seeing everyone. i will b e so lonely if i leave. oh boy.
yea, there was much conversation and love going around. and i played my best game of pool ever against quentin. it was amazing.

brenna and chad talked about hooking me up with a job at riverdeep. that would be great. if i got a job, i would stay. i would have good reason to. i must get the job. yes.

wow, typing is crazy hard and i'm trying to make this readable, but it's difficult. i see myself make mistakes and ilet them slide because they don't matter too much.

i need to go to bed because i'm going to meet ali for coffee tomorrow around 1. that should be interesting. i haven't hung out with her in over a year, i think. sleep time for me.
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    quentin's mix cd he gave me