June 14th, 2002


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I'm back from getting the computers. Here is the inventory list:
one 700 mhz machine with 15 gig hard drive and 128 megs of ram
one 233 mhz machine with a 3 gig hard drive and 4 megs of ram
two 19 inch monitors
three keyboards
three mice (one is an optical mouse)
two power strips
a bunch of network cables and power cables
two office chairs
one color laser printer

So I have some toys to play with now.

Cabin fever may force me to leave in a little bit, though.

(no subject)

All day, gone to these computers. But things are starting to all come together. There is just a lot of computers going all over the place and I'm almost overwhelmed. The current list of all the computers on my network.
  • Navi: My server. It handles all the traffic going to and from the internet as well as a nice little file server.
  • Arisu: My old desktop. I've had this machine forever. It's going to remain the linux desktop for me.
  • Reika: My new desktop. I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to do with this machine yet, but I'm leaning towards putting some varient of windows on it. Currently, it has windows me but that shit is ghetto.
  • Chisa: My parent's computer. This machine is pretty nice. I mentioned when we got it here.
  • Mika: This will be my older brother Mike's computer very soon. It used to be my parent's old machine, but since they've gotten a new, better machine, they are passing this one on to him. Currently it's sitting there doing nothing, though.
  • Taro: This is the other new machine I got. I threw debian on it cause I was bored, but I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with this machine. Maybe play with FreeBSD or some other OS.
  • Till: This is Tim's machine. It doesn't match my naming scheme. :P

    Very hungry. I want to go find food now.