June 9th, 2002



good times at the party now!!!
there is this big tv and the monitor isn't on and i can't see what i am typeing rignnt now so please for ive me or whatever.
anuways. this is madness. people are dancing and sitting in front of me and i am unable tosee what i am doing.

yea. this is good times. jon's b-day party is good times. yes. :) weee./

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As you tell from my previous post, I had a good time tonight. The party for Jon was very funny. We all had lots to drink and then danced around and talked and enjoyed ourselves bunches. I left around 5 am cause everyone was falling asleep and I much rather sleep in my bed then on a couch or the floor somewhere.

Before that, there was Janice's birthday at Red Robin. That was fun too. Lots of people there and more good times were had.

My eyes are not wanting to stay open now. I will sleep until 2010 now.
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Oh man, what a wasted day so far.
Well, I don't really think so, but I haven't actually left my bedroom since I woke up. I've just been tinkering with the computer for a while. Things that are neat:
My palm pilot works again. I have the mad fixing skillz.
There is a new version of the Crossover Plugin. It seems they fixed the bug that I was having problems with. Now I can run quicktime and windows media player in linux again. yay.

My dad just came in here and was make fun of me cause I haven't left my bedroom yet today. hooray.