May 30th, 2002


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I am feeling better now. I have been playing go and I've actually been winning. This is really nice cause I haven't been playing all that much and to win a couple games boosts my confidence as a player. I like the kgs server.

That nap I took earlier threw me off a bit. I should go to bed so tomorrow I can be on a somewhat normal schedule, but I'm not really feeling tired at all. I'll force myself to go to sleep soon enough, I guess.
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I have been issued a challenge.
No internet usage for a week. This means, no email, no livejournal, no online games, no aim or icq, no nothing.
And I have accepted this challenge. So, I am not to be back online until June 6th.
Since I officially starting today as soon as I make this post, I want to leave you, my wonderful audience with a poll.
Poll #37136 the challenge

Do you think I can complete this challenge?

Of course! You have the will power to control your internet usage.
Hell no! One week? You can't go 5 minutes, y0.

ok. I am ready. If you want to get in contact with me, the best way is my cell phone. :)
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