May 29th, 2002



stupid insomnia. not letting me sleep. I should have been asleep hours ago.

it doesn't do me any good to be at the computer there. back to bed for me.
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I'm a good boy today. I got up and went to aerobics. It was the final (which is way early because we have the option to retake it if we don't pass). Then I stuck around at the school for a bit with Erin. Drank coffee, applied for a job, hung out, looked at the fall schedule for BCC.

Two movies at the film festival today that I want to see. 13 conversations about one thing is at 4:30 at the pacific place and Skins is at 9:30 at the pacific place. I'll see if I can't go to one or both of these. I think 13 conversations will be a matinee price, so I'm leaning towards that one. I'd very much like to go see one of these with another person. Anyone free today and wanting to see a movie?

I didn't get much sleep at all last night. I may try and take a short nap soon.
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I got to the theater to see 13 conversations about one thing, but it was already sold out. I was then presented with a choice. I could either wait in the buyer's line and maybe get rush tickets at the last minute, or I could go see another movie there. I opted for seeing another movie. Insomnia was just about to start so I decided I see that. All in all, it was alright. The acting is pretty good and Christopher Nolan does a fine job directing. I haven't seen the original version of it before, but I would like to.
Yea, the movie was good, but it wasn't memento. But then, nothing is quite memento, right?

I am quite tired and feeling depressed. I could sure go for some Gleemonex. That would solve my problems.

Find The River

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I am stuck. I don't feel as though I have control of my life anymore. I am nothing but the whim of others. I don't know what I'm looking for and I don't know if I'll find it. I keep asking myself "where has my happiness gone?"
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