May 26th, 2002


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Well, although I was thinking about leaving and doing things outside of the house tonight, I haven't gotten out yet. I keep on finding little projects to take up my time.

Being that it's 1, I doubt I'll be going anywhere tonight.

But do not fret! Today was actually productive. Besides making my email work better, I also made some money. I promise that when I wake up, I'll go out and do things besides be at home. I'm thinking of going to Das Experiment at 1:45 at the Pacific Place. This will require waking up and getting down there so I can get a ticket.
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Das Experiment

I just got back from watching Das Experiment. It's about this experiment where 20 men are hired to play prisoners and guards in a prison simulation. At first things are playful and not to serious, but then things quickly shift and head downhill very quickly. This movie is very intense and powerful. I am very impressed by it. The directing and acting are fantastic. I recommend checking this one out, if you have the chance.

So, what am I doing tonight? I would really like to spend some time with people. I wanted to do that yesterday, but it never happened. I'm missing being around my friends.

You would be interested to know that since the start of the new year, I have made 449 posts including this one. In this time, 95.7% of the post are public. 3.7% of the posts are friends only and only 0.6 % of the posts are private. So you, my dear reader, are seeing almost everything I write, and that has been a lot. :) (statistics supplied by logjam)