May 23rd, 2002


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Look at me! I'm actually putting some effort into getting a job again. Filling out job applications, went on to and looked for jobs, in general feeling very productive and good about the past couple hours spend. I will turn in these completed apps tomorrow.

Sleep fairly soon, I guess. Today has been strange. Good, but I didn't go out and do anything besides stay at home. That always makes it feel a little more strange. I always get this itching to go out and do crazy shit because i didnt' earlier.


Last night, I dreamed I could fly. I could also cast magic spells. It seemed I was a member of some special school that focused on teaching and improving these talents. A big part of the school was doing battles with other people that could fly and cast magic. So I would stand in this big hallway like room that seemed almost like a dinning hall. It had two long tables that people would sit at and watch us compete.
I remember fighting several people. Looking at how I remember it now, it was just like a video game. On the ceiling, there were two bars that would determine how well we were doing. The people watching us would rate our attacks and the bars would change accordingly. Also, in order to cast the various magic spells, I would have to move my arms in a particular pattern. Left-Right-Up would cast one thing, Up-Down-Up would cast another.
I remember fighting people that I considered good friends. I remember it being difficult to actually attack these people. One person I fought was a girl I liked a lot. I didn't want to hurt her and threw the fight so that I wouldn't have to.

I'm not feeling too well. I have been coughing a lot and I have a runny nose. I was feeling like this yesterday, too. I took some vitamin pills and such in hopes that I can beat it soon. I am conflicted as to if I should go to aerobics because of how I am feeling.

momma had a baby and it's head popped off

After I got up today, Tim got a package in the mail. It was his go board. This is the one that I ordered for him for his birthday back in January, but I accidently ordered the wrong one. So (I think) he sent it back and got them to send the correct one instead. Word. I will need to play with him sometime soon.

I've been out and about dropping applications that I filled out last night. Hopefully something will come of these. I am tired of being unemployed.

I'm still not feeling all that great. I don't think I'm feeling well enough to go out and do anything tonight. Eh well, I might. I don't want to say anything absolutely. We will just have to see what comes up and if it will cost me any money that I do not have.

Ok, I tire of this computer lab for today. I'm going back home now.

And, right now I'm trying out the latest version of ljwin32_sema. I am quite impressed. Huge steps in the way for a good client for windows. I've never touched semagic before. Good stuff.
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