May 16th, 2002


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Adam's birthday party was great fun. We went to the Baltic room and kicked back rocking it. It was good to see everyone that was there.

I also had a good time hanging out with Melissa beforehand.

Tired and it's time to sleep now.

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Reconfiguring the server takes forever. I got up around 9 today and have been working on the machine ever since. I do love debian, though. It is a lot nicer to deal with then slackware was.

Current status: Kernel compiling. Once that's done, I'll get masquerading set up and working, and then get the dns server running again so that will resolve. then things will return to normal, which will be nice.

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I saw the latest installment of Star Wars today. I'm still working things out in my mind about it. The first half of it was a bit silly but it got better as it went along. There is a couple things in the movie that I am having problems piecing together. Various things in the plot that I think I missed or that weren't explained. I think I want to see it again. Maybe that will help.

The evening was good overall, but things feel awkward for some reason. I will try not to think about it.

Upcoming plans for the weekend: Friday is a seattle_dining dinner at cedar's.
Saturday, I don't think I have any plans right now.
Sunday is karennature's b-day thing at Golden Gardens.
Not too busy, overall.
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