May 12th, 2002



The show tonight was amazing. Clairvoyants opened up first and I was very impressed by them. They had a very folk feel to them, but it would often jump to be very experimental every so often. A fantastic sound and I really would like to hear more by them.

But Hayden is why we went and it was totally worth it. He has an amazing stage presence. He filled the performance with little anecdotes and was pretty funny with many of them. It was really a interesting contrast from his music which is often a little depressing. There were many songs from the new album, which I bought there, so much was new territory that I hadn't heard before, but the tracks he played from the album I have were fantastic. His lyrics are so raw and truthful. When he takes a song I know and love and adds a little story before it for the audience, it just makes it that much better. Amazing stuff and I'm glad I went.
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Um, yea, what was I saying?
Today is just like all the rest. And with that frame of mind, I will go to that same old things I always do.
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SIFF line up

Today we are working on the fence more. I was out there for about an hour and a half, but I'm taking a break. While I'm on my break, I am looking at movies at the seattle international film festival. I'm working on a list of movies to see.

So far, the ones that sound interesting are:
Sweet Dreams Are Made of This (imdb), Das Experiment (imdb), 13 Conversations About One Thing (imdb), A Savage Soul (imdb), Princess Blade (imdb), Skins (imdb), Dog Days (imdb), Green Dragon (imdb), No News From God (imdb), Temptations (imdb), Rain (imdb), The Piano Teacher (imdb), Asoka the Great (imdb), Les Enfants de l'amour (imdb), American Gun (imdb), Killer Tattoo (imdb), The Fast Runner (imdb)

I'm sure there are other interesting ones that I missed, and I didn't look at any documentaries, but if I could make it to any of these, that would be neat.