May 11th, 2002


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Tonight I'm going to another show. Hayden is preforming at the Croc, so Mark and I will be rocking out there. There is plans to go get food with him before hand so that will be what's going down for most of my day.

I think I want tea right now. I should go get some.

Everyone should listen to this song by James. It's off of Whiplash and it's quite good. A bit different then other James tracks.
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    James - Greenpeace

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The weather is nice today, so this is the beginning of the yard and house projects that my parents are undertaking this year. We kicked it all off with the project of rebuilding the fence in the back yard. yay for manual labor.

I'm tired of being here. I will leave soon.

A change in direction

Just so you know, there will be an altered focus in my life. I was always talking about it. "I need to make change... I want to do this... I should do that...." This sort of talk is a waste of my time. No more needs, wants or shoulds.

I have to make change or else.
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