May 3rd, 2002


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I spent the evening and into the early morning creating a mix cd. When I get into the flow of it, I don't really notice how much time has gone by. But in the end, I think it's worth it.

Here is the plan. I'm going to get 5 or 6 hours of sleep. Then I'm getting up and running some errands. Following that, there is a lunch get together I am going to.
Later in the day, I'm going to see Spider-Man. After that, more social stuff.
It's looking like it's going to be a busy day, ya?

So I'm sleeping now then.
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Wes, Spider-Man

There are many things to write about. First off, I want to wish my friend nighthawk a happy birthday.

And now, some things to talk about. Today Wes left. He left seattle on a bus and he won't be back for a long time. This saddens me. I have spend a lot of time with him in the past several months. He has become a really close friend of mine. It's just really hard to actually accept that he left. He left for Delaware and is going to join the military. This blows my mind.
So I had one final day to run around with him. Wes, Tony and I had lunch and then me and Wes walked around for a bit. Drank a bit and played some pool. It was really a nice send off, I think.

Then as the clock got a bit later, we said our goodbyes and I went off to see Spider-Man. That movie was tons of fun. I have always loved Spider-Man. The characters in that comic are all so interesting. I was also quite surprised by the acting in the movie. Yes, a fun action packed movie that I think people will enjoy. It's totally going to make bank, just like X-Men did. Can Spider-Man 2 come out any sooner, please?

The plans now? I'm off again. Heading up to Betsy's party. I'm quite fashionably late now.
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