May 1st, 2002


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I went to Taco Bell with Adam. This is good cause I didn't eat all day. We also got free drinks, thanks to Bill Gates. This was all done around 11:30.

I was also playing with I think this site may be too evil/addictive for me to focus attention on, though.

Also, I was digging through my journal and found a link to play LORD. I started that up again as well.

Sleep time now, though.

The day, a movie, some random thoughts.

Maybe It's now time to post. There has been a lot on my mind today and I haven't been able to figure out how to write it (or even if I should write it at all).

The day started with me waking up and going to aerobics. This is good. It was a fight, though. My mind would say "wake up, go to school" and my body would say "sleep is better!" But in the end, I made it. I'm proud of myself for it.
After class, I had lunch with Adam at Red Robin. This lunches with him are just dandy. If we didn't have them, I wouldn't get to hang out with him at all. So I enjoy them.
Fast forward a bit in the day. I went out and picked up Wes. We went to Tommy's, drank and played pool, which I sucked at today. That's ok. We seem to always go back and forth in who wins. Today just wasn't my day.
We also got coffee and then decided to go see a movie. I called a bunch of people to try and get people to come with us. The only person that was able to was Abel. We saw Changing Lanes which was actually quite good. I highly recommend this film. I could try and go into why here, but instead I would like to point you to the review on the main IMDB page for this film. It explains it really well and I agree with it. I'll quote this one part of the review: "Changing Lanes is rated R for a fender-bender, destruction of office equipment, unseen infidelity, a shot of the World Trade Center, and honest depiction of the human condition." Good stuff.
After the movie, I took Wes back and I came home. I'm feeling kind of tired so I don't imagine I'll be up for much longer.

Now for some comments on things that have been jumping around in my head.
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