April 14th, 2002


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Me and ashley kicked it for a bit tonight. We watched The Chamber, which was ok. Kinda depressing, but what movie dealing with the death sentence isn't?

The drive home was eerie. I was driving through renton and there was a bright flash and then the whole city went dark. It was very pretty.

I want to write something more profound. I want to write something more interesting. I want to write something with content besides a boring list of what i did today. I have been trying to write anecdotes of random happenings, but I feel I still need to work on it more. Always something for self improvement, eh?
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    Tchaikovsky - Souvenir de Florence in D minor

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I am awake and getting ready for the breakfast planned this morning by nder. I am looking at the chat logs and now it seems that I might be late? I don't know. So confused.

I get to the restaurant to see them drive off. Crap. :(
I went and got me some coffee and came back home. There goes my morning plans.