April 7th, 2002


Taking the good with the bad

Well, I have some good news and I have some bad news. First the good news. Tonight was great fun. Really, the past couple days have been fantastic. I went out to meet up with Devin and Katherine for Katherine's birthday, but I didn't look at the address for the red robin very closely and ended up going to the wrong one.
So instead, I was driving in the u-district and I see Wes walking. I pull over and honk at him and we head over to western co. While there, we bump into Brenna and Chad. Donuts and Subway are bought and we all go back to Brenna's and play mad amounts of Metal Gear Solid 2, which just makes me want to buy a PS2 even more. aaa.
After hanging with them for a couple hours, I leave and meet up with Rob, Joe and Carrie Ann for bowling. They are chilling in the lounge when I get there with a bunch of other people. I pull up some nerves and sing "Alison" for the karaoke but I don't think I did very good. I was actually shaking in my boots while I was standing up there. It's a lot easier to do once you have some alcohol in you. I did manage to do it, though.
At 11, the bowling started. After like 2 games I decided to try some new things. These involved trying to learn to roll curve balls and also bowling with my left hand. Switching up like that really helps when you bowl for 3 hours straight. Lots of fun for all.

And now, the bad news. We have lost an hour with the clocks tonight. That means one less hour to sleep. Tomorrow I have to wake up and go to work at 10 which I'm not really looking forward to. Also, after work I need to spend some more time on homework. I have a paper to work on for english. Ho-hum.
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