March 31st, 2002



The show was fucking incredible. Really amazing. I brought the booklet from my clouddead album and had both Doseone and Why? sign it. I also bought doseone - slow death, which I'm listening to now, and the dose t-shirt. Getting to meet these people who make this music that I am just totally impressed with really makes it more real to me. I talked with Dose a little bit and shook his hand. I tend to have a hard time doing that at a show because I always get starstruck. Something that really struck me was that he commented on the fact that we were all up next to the stage during the show and thanked us for being there. Wow.
The actual performances were impressive, too. cLOUDDEAD was really fun to watch on stage and I was impressed by how it translated from the album to the live environment. Hood was quite rockin' as well. About half of the songs they played were from the new album as I was kinda familiar with the material. What really caught my eye was that for about half of the songs, they would hold the guitars upside down while playing them.
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Damn, I slept for a long time. While I was asleep, my parents brought in some easter candy and left it on my desk. Ain't that nice of them?

Plans for today? Not really sure. I'm suppose to be home for dinner tonight and Ashley was talking about some sort of Easter get together. I don't know what's happening with that, though.

I'm going to get dressed and find something to do, though. I noticed that No Man's Land is playing at the broadway market. Maybe I can go see that. Going to the broadway market another time before the theater closes forever would be nice. So sad that we are losing that theater.
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