March 4th, 2002


Me and Abel are so hardcore, you can't even believe it

(00:13:30) abel: hey dude
(00:13:34) me: hello!
(00:13:39) abel: how are the ribs?
(00:13:47) abel: I am kind bruised up
(00:13:55) me: the ribs are ok. the gut is quite sore
(00:13:58) me: this is great
(00:14:09) abel: I have a real big bruise on my chest
(00:14:26) abel: and a nasty looking one on my arm
(00:14:29) me: my right arm is all bruised
(00:14:39) abel: same here
(00:14:41) me: and my gut is a little purple
(00:14:41) abel: hehe
(00:14:47) me: we so rule
(00:14:51) abel: we are so hardcore
(00:15:08) abel: My lip got split a little on on the inside
(00:15:41) me: you saw my knuckle, right?
(00:15:44) abel: yeah
(00:15:48) abel: how is it?
(00:16:00) me: it's alright
(00:16:06) me: it was hurting a lot last night
(00:16:19) abel: my first two knuckles on my right hand are a bit bruised
(00:17:04) abel: I am really surprised that our knuckles got so banged up
(00:17:27) me: yea, that is a bit surprising. but that it the most common place of contact
(00:17:31) me: so it makes sense
(00:17:41) abel: yeah
(00:17:59) abel: we must have been beating each other for about 3-4 minutes
(00:18:16) me: yea, it went on for a while
(00:18:16) abel: I am glad you decided to stop when you did
(00:18:27) me: i couldn't take it much longer
(00:18:27) abel: I didn't know how to make it end
(00:18:45) me: what did the audience expect?
(00:18:53) abel: I am not sure
(00:18:57) me: one of us to be knocked out maybe?
(00:19:03) abel: I was surprised at the audience
(00:19:05) abel: haha
(00:19:27) abel: also upstairs I heard people talking about people fighting in the backyard
(00:19:36) me: really?
(00:19:38) me: sweet
(00:19:45) abel: they were wondering why people were fightinh
(00:19:46) abel: g
(00:19:54) me: this is like a party tradition for us now
(00:19:57) abel: I told them that I was fighting for a dollar
(00:20:15) me: it was a dollar you earned, too
(00:20:41) me: i need like a hot bath and a massage
(00:20:54) abel: for realz
(00:21:08) abel: where are the fight club bitches when you need em?
(00:22:03) me: seriously. Helena Bonham Carter, i need you!
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Just a quick update on the day.
Went to have food at the outback with tony, mike, karen, marie, and rob. It was excellent. I'm happy I'll get to go back soon because of my $50 gift certificate. I'll just need to find a date to take. :)

After eating, I went back to Rob's place where we played with the contact juggling ball and a yo-yo. We also watched the movie Evolution. It was amusing and there were some good parts in it. Nothing to shout home about, though. The movie reminded me of Ghostbusters a little bit, except not quite as good.
We also watched the Man Show. Quality time overall.

So, I shaved my face clean so now I'm ready for the mustache growing contest. It will be interesting to see how that plays out. Me and joe will be the mad pimpz with our staches.

I sleep now. It will let me heal.
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