February 1st, 2002



First off, I would like to point out this post. Download and listen to the song and see if you can't help ron out. I took a listen and can't tell what it is, but damn does it sound familiar.

I have this thing running that logs all the music I listen to. Every time xmms plays a song, the song is added to a log file. I've now been running it for a couple months now. So I looked at the log file tonight cause there is finally enough information in the log that the info can be interesting to look at. So I looked at it and sorted it and figured out the most popular albums that i listen to.
The Top Ten Albums that I have been listening to are as follows:
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    Phillip Glass - Koyaanisqatsi

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Car works and is fix0red. No more clicking! yay.
My tax rebate is just enough to fix it.

heading to the party now. hope to see people there!