January 25th, 2002


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Where was I?

Oh yea, work was decently busy today. We had an order for 130 balloons to be filled up. Those are always fun. My hands are sore after doing that many balloons.

After work, I went and got gas for the car. I noted that gas is now 99¢. Hooray! Gas in Issaquah is cheap!.

Tonight, I really have to go out and play somewhere. I can not stand staying home for another night. I've got cabin fever. Who is free and who wants to play?
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Three cheers for PMS!!

I can't get enough of the state! aaaa!!! Watching all the episodes that I missed and that aren't on my long tape. Got to get my fix!

But now I'm heading out. Going to kick it with adam.

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it's snowing.
i want to play in it.
adam is playing dune now
i don't know if i should be happy or sad

so conflicted

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    dune - rainbow to the stars