January 22nd, 2002


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Another good dante's night. I love going there so much. Monday nights are the best. It's so nice to see good friends at least once a week for sure. Abel hung around at the very end with me while I waited for myself to sober up enough to drive and we had a nice chat.

Did I mention that all this week I'm working at 9? That's a bit difficult for me but I'm sure I can handle it as long as I don't stay up too late each night. This means that I will be hitting the bed really soon.

I have this crazy idea for a project that I want to work on involving creating music. I will write a note for myself so that I remember it, but I'm not ready to share the idea with everyone here. We will see if it actually happens. I always get the best ideas while I'm driving.
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    Puistossa - Anssi Kel

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I got new things today! I finally got 'Wet Hot American Summer' on dvd and I got 'Rejected' on dvd. Movie night for Wet Hot soon? yes?
I also stopped by costco and got some more pictures. I'll post them later tonight I think. Oh, and I also bought the new nin live cd. I haven't picked up the dvd yet, but I'm planning on doing that later tonight.

Plans for tonight include:
Playing Go at solstice if I can find someone to play with.
Buying the nin dvd.
Going to erik's for the movie night there.
and um.. that's it. time to split.