January 18th, 2002


There is a hole in my head, I use the bullets from it again and again

Ugh. Tonight was a night for me to hide. But I don't hide well at all. I was wandering around the U-District pondering seeing a movie, but I ended up skipping out to get some drinks at Tommy's. As it turns out, friends were there so I hung out with them. It didn't really help my mood at all, but it was still nice to see people. The music was loud and annoying, though.

A couple thoughts have been running in my head.
First thought. I think I'm going to shave my head again. Reasons being that hair sucks, it feels nice, and I want a change.
The second thought is something that just came up tonight while talking to wes. Maybe I should get something pierce. He suggested my tongue. It would be interesting. The pain wouldn't be a factor against it. I mean, I have a tattoo already. I'll think about it some more.
Third thought. I want to hang out with London this weekend. I haven't hung out with her in a couple weeks and I think we are due for quality hanging time again. I'll give her a call tomorrow.
Fourth though. I need a new job. Going to start sending my resume around more. Need to be more forceful about it.

I won't stay up much later. Sleep is calling and working in the morning, as per usual.
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