January 15th, 2002


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Dante's was good. Not a lot of people there, but the crowd is always good no matter what. A couple drinks, a couple songs, a couple cigarettes, and couple games of pool. What more do I need?
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When your there,
I sleep lengthwise.
And when your gone,
I sleep diagonal in my bed.

Ahh, that was a nice nap. Not many people tried waking me up. How disappointing. I did get something from starzz and Mr. Boogedy. To starzz I say "MEEEP!!" and to Mr. Boogedy I say "the cam isn't taking pictures frequently enough for people to really tell if I'm dancing, but as I am listening to phish right now, I can promise you that I am dancing. :)"

Oh wait, another just came in! to alex I say "I just like text messages." ooh! and another! to lillinator i say "I don't if it's safe yet, doctor."

So now I'm all awake and refreshed from my nap, what should I do? I can't stick around here. That wouldn't be cool. And I don't work tomorrow so I don't have to worry about staying up late. What to do, what to do...
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merryfnpoppins is totally neat

(23:04:48) Merry FN Poppins: did you just say neat?
(23:04:52) me: yea
(23:04:54) me: i said neat
(23:04:59) Merry FN Poppins: oh man.
(23:05:04) me: what?
(23:05:14) Merry FN Poppins: i'm boring you.
(23:05:20) me: no
(23:05:23) me: hehe
(23:05:28) me: I like the word neat!
(23:05:31) me: and rad
(23:05:39) me: rad is totally awesome!
(23:05:43) Merry FN Poppins: rad?
(23:05:44) Merry FN Poppins: hahaha

I'm going shopping for alcohol now. Me and tony will be getting our drink on. And then we will watch Guy Ritchie Films.
I must note right now, that I have drank every night for the past 5 nights. Oh well.
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