January 9th, 2002


car woes

The evening started out good enough. I had dinner with Brenna. I wasn't as hungry as I thought I would be, but the company was nice.
Following dinner, there was pool and drinking at Tommy's with Brenna, Wes and Paul. It was goth night or something. I enjoyed the music much.
But it all started going downhill from there. Everyone went their separate ways and I went back to the car. When I turned the key to start it, lights came on, but nothing else happened. I kept on trying but to no avail. I called AAA and asked for a tow truck and then started killing time. Called a bunch of people. Most of them didn't answer their phone. I also read a bunch. I'm very glad I had my book with me.

I kept on periodically trying the car. After about an hour passed, it did actually start. So I called AAA back, canceled the order and drove home.

I hate cars. I really do. I have the worst luck with them. Whether it's car accidents or cars breaking down or any of the other hundreds of problems I tend to have with cars. They are evil tools of satan and I would be better without them.

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I'm awake and have been poking around on the computer for a while. Nothing gets me out of bed faster in the morning then having a leg crap.

Oh, my horoscope over the phone was amusing today.
You're the
missing link.
Trust in other
team members
to fulfill their


I don't know what I'm doing today. I do know this, though. That was the longest conversation I've ever had. Good bye mailbox.
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Got some food with tony and melissa. Yummy Thai food is good for the soul. and for the sinuses. Melissa had this book on sexual words in sign language which led to hours of endless amusement.
After eating, we stopped by evan's place. More amusement there. It was a delightful time indeed.

And for tonight? I don't know what I'm doing. I can try driving Tim's car around again if I need to. I may just stick around home. Watch a movie or find something productive/fun on the computer to do.

I'm sure something will reveal itself to me.
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now with new improved links!

I spent the evening chatting with people online, helping brenna get linux working (sort of), getting in a flamewar with tony, reading & contact juggling. Time well spent, I feel.
Not ready to call it a night yet.

Was playing with evan's new development version of logjam (every time I write that, I almost write loserjabber. heh). It looks quite nice, and with a little more work, it will actually become usable. I like how the development version of gtk looks too. That should be cool once the world moves on to gtk 2.0.
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