January 7th, 2002


Hey everyone, how was yo

Ryan, Tony and I made our run through the craziness which is Issaquah bars. Bar hopping through Issaquah was an enlightening experience to say the least. And I have had more then enough alcohol in my system since about 12 noon. hehe.
Here is a quick run down of our adventure. We started at the Issaquah Cafe and had breakfast. From there, we walked next door to a Chinese Restaurant that had a bar and got a (way over priced) drink there. From there, we went and bought cigars and then headed to the Rolling Log. A couple beers and some games of pool later, we walked to the H&H. This time it wasn't quite so strange, but I still don't really like that place. the Rolling Log is better. After watching the end of a football game at the H&H, we went to the Gaslamp. Got some food and more drinks there. And that is where the Issaquah bar run ended. A review of each place is in order.
The Chinese Restaurant were we start: Ghetto, too expensive. We opened the bar there, though. It may be better at night.
The Rolling Log: Cheap beer, cheap pool, my favorite bar in Issaquah. It's a biker bar. hehe.
The H&H: I feel very uncomfortable there. It has this whole country town feel to it. The people are nice there, though.
The Gaslamp. It has great food and quality pool tables. It has a nice vibe to the place. I can see why it's my boss at party for less' favorite Issaquah Bar.

After the bar hopping, me and ryan came back to my house to watch a high fidelity.

I am content. It was a good day.
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I woke up and drank a whole lot of water. That made me feel a bit better. I didn't drink enough water last night so I'm just a wee bit queasy feeling. I'll be fine in a little bit, though.

I have to be at work soon. I need to get in gear and get ready for it. I tend to just poke around on livejournal instead of getting dressed and leaving on time.
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Everything is in slow motion

Int0rnet connection is being so slow today. Blah.
Work was so slow today and there was nothing to do. Blah.
The traffic in Issaquah was really bad and was moving slow today. Blah.
I'm missing some energy and feeling tired and sluggish today. Blah.

But at least tonight is the glorious return of Monday Nights at Dante's.
Dante's Night 2002: Electric Boogaloo.
Rock. I plan on being there nice and early today. Just shortly after 8, most likely.

Financial woes have bring me down recently. This year has started off to be more expensive then it should be. I should revise my spending habits maybe. That almost sounds like a new years resolution, but don't tell anyone, ok?
I often needlessly fear and worry
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