January 2nd, 2002


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bored bored bored

i guess i should just go to bed. there isn't really anything else that is grabbing my attention right now.

recently, i have been getting a lot of anonymous text messages. all of them about the topic of "vagina". I find it amusing, but I wonder who is sending them to me.

I was looking at my lj calendar for 2001. I noticed I only missed one day all year in posting. wow. I'm so addicted.
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Woke up and jumped on the computer pretty quickly. Still a little tired, but I think I should just get moving and ready for my day instead of sleeping more. Although sleep does sound good. It always sounds good.

Things I am thinking about doing today since it's a day off work:
Go return the two christmas presents that I need to take back. I always feel guilty about returning presents. I feel like it's being rude to the person who gave the gift. But sometimes things need to go back. What can you do?
Go see a movie in the theater. Possible movies I am considering are: The Majestic, Vanilla Sky, A Beautiful Mind, Amelie, In the Bedroom, The Royal Tenenbaums, Mulholland Drive. Wow, there is a lot of movies out that I would consider seeing. Granted some of them I've seen already, but if the movie is good, a second view never hurts. We shall see if I end up going to something.

blah blah blah... that's enough writing for now.
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I went and got two disposable cameras developed. I picked up the pictures today and quickly threw them online. There was one old camera and one new camera.
Old Camera
New Camera

Some of the really cool things in there are:
2 pictures of London! The first one and the second one.
I like this picture of Allison
Here is danny going crazy
Here is Dawson. That expression on his face is great
Here is Karen at the Moulin Rouge night
Abbie and Adrian.
At Dante's, Tony looks way far gone
Oh my. A picture of me
Brendon is sucked into the drama which is WWF
Abel is a mad pimp
Brendon gets very excitable. This time it's for Travis.
Brenna kicks my ass at pool.

Yay for pictures! Antispin.net is a bit slow, it seems. So don't mind the download delays.
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