January 1st, 2002


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Happy New Year everyone!
I'm out partying so I am having my computer post for me.
Patrick = nerd
Yea, so anyways, since I'm actually writing this post at 7:30 pm, I have no idea what I'm currently doing. Most likely, something really evil. In fact, it's most likely something so evil, that I will lie in my journal in the morning when I wake up. So don't believe anything I say, OK.

I don't really have anything else to say. Hopefully I set up this auto posting right. Last year, I tried to do it and fucked it all up. So nothing posted at all and I was disappointed in my failings to do that.

So yea, Happy new year and stuff.

A new years party in review

The party was great fun. Thanks goes to the Trowelhouse for putting up with many people. Things to note:
I met Liz. First impressions were quite good.
I had a lot to drink, but I sobered up enough to leave and drive home just fine. This is good.
It was really nice to see so many friends at the party.
brenna left the party early to find wes, but she never came back. I was a bit worried about her. sort of brought me down at the end of the night.

lets see... anything else?
I can't think of anything else worth mentioning. I'm tired and sleep is calling me.

Happy new year and everything. hope you all are doing alright.
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A very restless night of sleep. I kept on waking up over and over again. I finally got up cause tim started practicing his horn and when that starts, all hope of sleep goes away.

Last night at the party, I was walking down the stairs and slipped and fell. So today, my ass hurts. phooey. That was also making difficult to sleep.

I was just informed that tonight I have dinner plans at the Campbell's. That's cool. Alway nice to hang out with velvet.
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Went over to the Campbell's house and had dinner. Afterwards, Reg put on a movie. The movie was Red Dawn. Oh god, it was bad. Was reading reviews on IMDB and people were defending it because of 9/11, but whatever. This situation is more like Fortress America then 9/11. And you can't defend bad script writing or bad acting. Generally, I don't get bored of a movie even if it does start to feel long. This movie was around 100 minutes long and I was way bored of it. I couldn't wait for them to just kill off all the main characters so the stupid story would end.

I don't plan on going out tonight at all. Stay home, play video games, do some laundry, get some rest. Of course this is all up in the air if someone contacts me and wants to play. But as that hasn't happened yet, I'll stick with the current plan.

oooOOOooo. Pictures from the New years party. There is debauchery and glazed looks.
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