December 26th, 2001


Strange things are afoot at the Circle K!

See my amazing skill in running away from the computer and ignoring half a dozen text message conversations!
See my impressive talent in watching movies with my brothers instead of going out with friends!

So I watched "The Straight Story" with mike and for "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure", tim joined us as well. IT was a wonderful time. Straight Story is one of my favorite movies. I feel that it's David Lynch's best film ever. And Bill and Ted's was most totally excellent. I haven't seen it in years and forgot many of the things that made that film truely great. It has one of the best screenplays ever.

Things to look forward to tomorrow. Another day off. Brenna is back in town. I am able to go out and hang out with friends. It should be good.
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A lazy day so far.
Some unfortunate news, though. My dad got laid off this morning. That's no good at all.

I'm going out to seattle soon. Going to hang out with mah homies. word booty.

and now, to pick a song to show up in the music meta data.
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