December 22nd, 2001


40 ozs of freedom

The Royal Tenedeums was so good. I must see it again.

Tonight was a quite good. spend quality time with mark. we went christmas shopping and I got a some of the things out of the way. yay!
went back to mark's dorm for a little bit. evan was there. his laptop is really cool. then we went and saw the movie.

after the movie, i dropped mark off at his parents house and got myself a 40 of mgd. it's too much, but that's ok. i'm having fun anyways.

Thank god for spell check. it catches all of my mistakes. hooray!
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(no subject)

ok, quickly now.
There wasn't any hot water in the shower. that wasn't all that much fun.
But it did wake me up and sober me up a bit.
In my email, I had the first person ever to ask me for a lj invite code. Not sure why I never got asked before, because I know several other people that got asked so much they were sick of it.

I need to be leaving for work very soon here. I'm being too slow. I had a bunch of extra time today, too.
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I got off work early! Yay!
Plans for tonight are:
First to have dinner with the rents. Mark and his family are coming over, too. It's nice that I got off early, so that people don't have to wait for me to come home from work at 6:30.

After dinner, it will be time to go to the goondocks party.
oh man, this party's gonna be crazy go nuts. They got the marshmellows, they got the latest releases of the artists of today, and they carefully filled out everybody's name tags.

Life is quite good right now.
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