December 19th, 2001


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A blast, tonight was.
I met up with ravengrrl and just as we were about to head somewhere, elsnaibs calls me up. There was crazy movie watching going on so me and brenna go over there. goldfischegirl and ironmaus are over there as well and we watch Mr. Vampire, which is just about the craziest vampire movie I have ever seen. I mean, the vampires hop around! It's madness!!

Ah crap. The cable modem has gone down. Well, I guess I'll just post this later.
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Have been looking forward to today. It will be a good day. Yes sir.
Lunch with Brenna.
LOTR in t minus 4 hours and 15 minutes.
No work.

How can things get any better?
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Today was a good day. I didn't even have to use my AK.

A quick rundown of the todays events.
  • Lunch with Brenna is wonderful. Drawing on the table rules!
  • LOTR was fantastic. It was all I hoped for. Queue that mother up for another viewing, baby!
  • Spend a little bit of quality time with Mark. It's never enough, but hopefully more time will be spent soon. He is living in Renton again soon.
  • More time with Brenna. We went to the Garage and played pool for a good long time. I owe her a night out now.

    Basically, today was a wonderful day. After a great day like today, I can't help but sit back and smile about things.
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