December 13th, 2001


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Sometimes I get really frustrated when things don't go the way I hoped. But that's life.
I did get to see "Pornstar" tonight, though. That was quite good, actually. Lots of porn, too. But it was funny and enjoyable at the same time! Go check it out if you don't mind seeing a short fat man fuck more people then you will ever get to in your life (except for ashley, who will easily pass Ron Jeremy up. She is my hero.).

So it's like midnight and I'm not wanting to end the night yet. But I doubt something good will show itself to me before I do decide to sleep.

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Work was pretty good today. First, it was raining a lot and we were afraid of flooding. There was this really big puddle right in front of door and it kept on getting closer and closer.
Then the power kept flickering. Losing power at work is always fun too.
Then I got the order I made last week in today. So I spend a good long time checking that in.
And there was the invitation order that I did, too. That was new and interesting because we just got a software upgrade and there was some new features to play with. So yea, the day went by really quickly.

Making some pizza now and then I don't know what. Hang out here maybe?

Oh, and I got my cd from the LJ tape exchange today! Thanks philippajane! I'll be giving it a listen really soon. The artwork and everything is very pretty. It's putting my disc for you to shame.
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