December 5th, 2001


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Last night was great fun. Who would have thought that singing out of tune with a bunch of drunk people would be so much fun. warrend and I went and got quite drink. And we sang. Danny did a rousing performance of "In The Air Tonight" and I sang "Pride (In the name of love)". It was a beautiful thing.
The end of the night went a little downhill, though. First, I had 2 or 3 too many. It forced me to run to the bathroom to "cleanse" my system, but in a drunkin' haze, I ran into the woman's bathroom. Oops.
Then when we were in the cab, I noticed that my cell phone was gone. When I woke up today, I called the Mandarin Gate Restaurant to see if they had the phone, but they didn't. So I suspended the phone and went and got a new one. Suck du0d. That was a little expensive.

Tonight, I need to clean up around here a bit. And maybe I'll play a video game or watch a movie or something. Don't really feel like going out and doing anything. Don't want to spend any money. Have been spending a lot recently.
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I could really go from some nachos right now. I really want some sort of good snack food. And for some reason, nachos sound really good. But do I have the materials required to make them? I think there is chips & cheese, but I'm not sure about anything else that would be good. hrm....

going to go look and maybe go shopping.
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nachos are good for the soul

I eat nachos. it's soooo good. I made a whole lot and at first was thinking I wouldn't finish them, but now I see that they may not have been enough. yum yum yum.....

no wait... they were enough.
Anyone want to come over and eat the rest of the nachos with me? *bats eyelashes*
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