December 3rd, 2001


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  1. Bowling: Quality time spent. Bowled really well.
    1. Thoughts of bowling leagues. Might be fun.
    2. atypical_gnu, mobley, brad, imasage were there.
  2. Eating food with atypical_gnu. So much meat. Burgers was a good idea.
  3. Really fucking cool. Get a job at the post office so I can ride one?
  4. cLOUDDEAD... Something else I need to spend money on.
  5. fight day. It's coming up. Sounds like a really interesting idea. I will participate.
    • Main Fight: Beastor-X & Nacho Time vs. Joe Ravas III & Round One
    • Marquee Fight: Mustardfish vs. Dolphin Trouble
    • Marquee Fight 2: Brian Kennelly vs. Niles (Glasses Dude)
  6. owns you. There is a bunch of really good things on there right now. I recommend reading the article on hackers and anime.
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Slacker day at work. HOORAY !!!

I got home from work and my dad told me that he found out about my car. It's going to cost about $400 to get it fixed. To that I say poop! poopy poop poop!

But I won't worry about that for now. Going to eat something and then I'm off to Dante's! We best be rocking out hardcore tonight. Danny turns 21 at midnight and it's going to be a mad party scene. Danny is 21 festivities will be going on tomorrow as well.
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