November 27th, 2001


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Dante's rules me.
is there anything better then going there every monday? I think not.
The crowd was huge today. So many people I couldn't even count them all. A list of notable things, you ask? ok.
Playing House of the Dead with personaljesus.
Fist to Cuffs with bostonsteamer.
Pictures, conversation, drinks, candy, music.

sleep soon. maybe a little bit of video games before hand? I'm totally addicted to this game now. I bought it a while ago and just never started playing it.
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I keep on thinking about going out tonight, but then i start feeling really tired. i play on the computer for a bit. then start thinking about going out again and then i remember that i'm tired.

Why do i have to be so tired on the nights when i don't have to work the next day? this isn't fair! I wasn't this tired yesterday. what the freaking heck!?!?!

maybe i'll just lay down here for a little bit...
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