November 26th, 2001


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Serendipity was a cute movie. It strangle reminded me of my life a bit. But I dreamed of the coincidences and in the movie, they actually happened. Sigh.

After the movie, snowgddess, JJ, koryn, atypical_gnu and I went to Minnie's. Ate some crappy food, talked a bit, enjoyed ourselves.
After Minnie's, Koryn, Abel and I went to the Ram. Koryn displaced how hardcore she was by downing not one, but two flaming Dr. Peppers. Holy Crap. Meanwhile, me and Abel drank our beers in awe.
Following the drinking, me and koryn chilled a bit while she sobered up and chatted. It was noted that me and her have never hung out one on one before.

Sleep is calling soon, I guess.
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