November 21st, 2001


Harry Potter and the ghost of John Cleese's past

The people spoke and so i went and saw Harry Potter. It was decent. I wasn't blown away by it or anything, but it was a fun movie.
A couple notes about it. It didn't feel long to me at all. It moved very quickly.
The special effects were quite pretty.
That game that they play, it doesn't make sense. I mean, it does, except for the whole seeker part. That seems to make the rest of the game pointless, doesn't it?
John Williams, as a composer, is overrated.
I think more movies are in order, though. I demand sequels!

After the movie, I came home and am now eating mac & cheese and drinking beer. my life is so exciting, isn't it?

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so for some reason, i woke up at 9 with out need of alarm. why did this happen? why does this never happen when I actually have to be up at this time? blah I say.

Maybe I can go back to bed for a bit. nothing exciting ever happens now anyways.

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I have started getting the cds I ordered. Today I got James - Pleased to meet you, Seven and Stutter. Ahhh so much music to listen to.
So I started listening to Please to meet you now. Quite impressed so far. It has started out like a great album should.

Have been helping cleaning up the house. Mike should get here in an hour or so. Tim will get here tonight around 9 or 10.

As for plans tonight, there are some options. First, I don't know if the family has plans for not. Must find out about that.
Second, blythe was talking about Cider's and then hitting some bars. sounds like a good time.
Third, adam mentioned to me about going and seeing the movie Tape. It's another Linklater movie. Looks pretty interesting.
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