November 11th, 2001


Sorry your mom blew up.

The night started out innocently enough. Erin asked me to come over and take a look at her computer. I did but couldn't really tell what was wrong. It was pretty strange, though.

After that, I went over to tony's. we killed some time there before heading out to seattle to see better off dead. I liked that movie a lot more this time. It's so very funny. It has a lot of those random strange jokes that I just love. Props to the people that were there. Tony, Ashley, Karen, and karen's friend who's name escapes me.

After the movie, tony, ashley and I went to the hurricane to spend at least an hour waiting to get food. it was enjoyable, though. Some people are just always fun to spend time with.

Bedtime now. sleep calls me.

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    David Poe - Telephone Song