November 8th, 2001


still cleaning

still looking for the tori ticket. This worries me. I know it's in my room near my desk, but I can't figure out where it went. I'm now digging through my trash can. arg.
on a better note, I current found just under $30 in coins.


i will be taking a break from this cleaning shortly. i'm getting frustrated.

bah, I'm going to bed. it's now 2:15 and i need to get up in the morning for work.
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I dreamt last night that I had found my tori ticket and was very happy. But when I woke up, I remembered that it was only a dream. I must find that fucking ticket after work tonight.

I am leaving for work now. I'm actually not sure if I was suppose to work at 9 or 10 because I misplaced the paper that I wrote my schedule down on. But I figured that I should get there at 9 just in case.
It will make me look good.
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(no subject)

That's a load off of my mind. Praise the gods. It was in the pile of clothes on my bed that I picked up to clear the floor.

Work was pretty slow today. Still boxing up halloween stuff. Just about done now.
Apparently carley and devilboy77 stopped by, but i was gone buying things for the store at that time. bummer.
tonight's plans currently are to keep on working on my room. it will be clean. I am also planning on watching the tick. looking forward to that. I have to stick around the house for a while cause my dad is getting back and i have to pick him up from the airport.

working tomorrow at 10. off at 4. dinner plans before tori. then concert. i'm ready to rock! :)

Downloaded the new south park episode, too. It's really odd. Got this whole loony toons thing going on. hrm.
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