November 7th, 2001


I saw Bjork's boob!

It was basically a conversation movie. Similar to Mindwalk, My Dinner with Andre and the movie it reminded me the most of, Naked. In Waking Life, the main focus is dreams.
The movie was very interesting. Not so much in the actual conversations, but in the actual presentation of the material. The art and the animation drew me in more then anything else. The dialog overall just felt preachy. I would sit and listen and think "yea yea yea.." But then, I think that the actual content in the dialog was not important. It was just there to add to the surrealism of the rest of the movie.

Before the film, they showed the music video for the Bjork song 'Pagan Poetry'. An interesting video. I understand why it was show before the movie. But overall, it seems Bjork's music videos are at a lower quality for the new album then they have been in the past. Too much of the same, maybe?

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I woke up panicked, thinking I was late for work. But then I looked at the calendar and realized it was wednesday. No work for me! lalalala!!!

making lunch plans right now. waking up wasn't such a bad thing after all.

Speaking of bad movies gone good....

So while I was at the movie last night, I noted what the midnight movie at the egyptian is this week. And what did I learn?

Who would like to see this Cusack classic on Saturday at midnight?
Poll #9344 better off dead

Will you be seeing better off dead this weekend?

Sure, why not.
I would, but I am unable to be in seattle this weekend.
For your information, Better off dead sucked ass.
Watch that crappy movie? I'd be better off dead!
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good day.
had lunch with danny and julie. It was so good. I loved it.
After having lunch with them, I called up adam. He and gina were wandering around shopping. So I went up north and visited them. Got to see gina and carley's new place. had some more food while I was with them.
I got a free movie pass to see better then sex. I got to take a guest with me for free so I called up tony. Met up with him and we got more food and then saw the movie. It was decent. pretty funny and silly. Sort of made me feel lonely and miss being in a relationship, though. Props to tony for coming with me.

Looks like lots of people will be showing up for Better off Dead on saturday at midnight. woo hoo!

Have to clean up my room a bit tonight. The carpets are getting cleaned tomorrow. Maybe I'll just throw everything on the bed. that's easier and I'm not in the mood to clean.
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cleaning up

So i started cleaning my room up a bit.
I started picking up all the loose change on the floor and on the desk. Now I feel rich.
Currently found: $21.15 $29.40 plus millions of pennies which I don't want to count.

ah crap. I am not seeing my tori ticket.
new mission to be added to my cleaning.
find that ticket.
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