November 4th, 2001


Playing the Vague Game

I have been sleeping the day away.
But last night was fun.
There was eating with friends, there was playing games, there was watching silly things on tv.

Ok, I really should get up and do something today.
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    belle & sebastian - The Boy With The Arab Strap

ahh... all nice and clean shaven... sort of

I was playing with my desktop. Trying out a nice white background now. I've never been a big fan of white desktops, though. It tends to be too bright and I'll squint or cover it up. but playing with it filled some time. I haven't ever played with further much in the ways of messing around with the desktop. I have mostly left it in the default setup.

there is plans.
Going to go see The Man Who Wasn't There. Meeting toddv around 9 so I will need to leave in a little bit.
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    Radiohead - The Tourist