November 1st, 2001



we gotz kinda drunk and watched fun movies.
warrend has pictures. they will incriminate me.
jlb plays the kickin' beats. he should play 3 am eternal.
nefarious and i fought and i kicked his ass from over here to way over there.

earlier, i bought some dvds cause it was payday. whoop there it is.
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working on the day after halloween is a nice change of pace. The day was very slow. very few customers. I spent a good long time doing napkins. I haven't done them in a while just because it's been so busy.
It reminds me that it's November now. I need to work on finding another job, like I said I would. I'm such a lazy SOB, sometimes.

I'm going to stick around the house for a bit tonight. Maybe nap and work on various things. Unless, of course, something more interesting comes along.
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