October 29th, 2001


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maybe another list? sure.
  • saw K-PAX. I enjoyed it quite a bit. The story is simple, but what makes this movie a joy to watch is the acting. Kevin Spacey does what he does best. Take a character and bring it to life. Jeff Bridges did a decent job as well, but he always seems to play the same type of character.
    What really caught my attention about this movie was the soundtrack. The music was an absolute pleasure to listen to. Makes me want to pick it up tomorrow.

    After the movie, I went to minnie's and hung out with abel and todd. conversation was pleasant.
    There was some crazy people there, though. It was amusing, but I felt sorry for the waitress for having to deal with that shit.

    heh. oops, my list died way back up there.
    I need to sleep now.
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    Another long day at work. Halloween is almost over, though.
    HOORAY !!!
    Something worth noting, though. That pimp costume that I have been wearing all month was sold today. I think I'm switching to a vampire costume now. It's something to wear.

    After work, I picked up the K-PAX soundtrack. It has a kinda idm feel to it. Sort of reminds me of Boards of Canada, only faster. interesting. It has a lot of parts that are very much modern minimalist pieces. I'm enjoying it a lot so far.

    going to go to dante's tonight. things start at 8 now cause brendon has to wake up early.