October 26th, 2001


my shortcomings

I often feel like I am unable to offer up my part of relationships, whether it be friendship or romantic. I am a great listener, but the seems to be this difficulty giving back to conversations. I wish I could take things and give back more insightful input. It just feels unbalanced sometimes.

That doesn't have anything to do with tonight, though. I have just been kicking that around in my head. I wanted to put that down somewhere were I can note it.
But I never seem to manage to change my weak points just by writing them down in my journal. This is a list of my weak points with no thought in on how to change or fix them.

And instead of posting this, I go to read livejournal. I have the hardest time focusing on writing things. My journal is the perfect example of this downfall. Every time I writing in this, I stop halfway through and start doing something else, just to come back to it an hour later. It creates disjointed thoughts.

I also never ate anything this evening. But I'm not hungry enough to go make the effort to eat. It takes time that I don't want to spend. I like restaurants for this reason. The preparation of food is something I don't enjoy doing. So I would rather just not eat. Not really a healthy attitude, though.
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(no subject)

Tony should be here any minute. While I wait, I will kill time at Homestar Runner cause there is new halloween goodness there.

So the plan is that we are going to portland for ryan's party. Will spend the night down there and come back up tomorrow morning around 9. I have to work at 1 tomorrow, so hopefully everything will work out and I won't be late at all. :P
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