October 14th, 2001


parties galore!

After work, I was picked up by erin for a dinner she had planned. We get over to her house and I come into the kitchen for a big surprise. A surprise party in fact. A surprise party that I wasn't expecting at all. Many friends were there and I felt the love. Thanks to everyone for that. Really, it was quite special.

After the party there, I went to the rock star party with tony and ryan. I had borrowed a wig from work and took a white shirt and wrote "Corporate Rock Still Sucks." on it and wore a flannel. I was the mad cool kurt cobain (or maybe homestar runner from the halloween episode). Got to see even more friends there. And there was a lot of people at that party. Way more then they expected. It was really packed.

After that party, a bunch of us when to the hurricane for good eaten.

I would love to go into more detail on each of these events, but i'm kinda tired. I need to get up tomorrow and get ready for fun and excitement.

Tonight, 8 pm at Cedar's on Brooklyn, dinner!

I'm going to rsvp tomorrow afternoon. I think I will tell them 15 people. hopefully, I won't be too far under on my count.
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I'm up and getting my shit together for today.
going to @shley's and watching the state. eating at cedar's.

that's sort of the quick and dirty plans.

Oh, and I called cedar's to make reservations. I couldn't get it for 7. But 8 works. so

8 PM!

sorry if you don't see this and show up at 7. I'm not really sure how to contact everyone other then this way.
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good time tonight.
much time with ashley, watching the state.
dinner at cedar's. a really good showing, although i guessed a little high on the number of people that actually showed up.

i just don't feel like writing right now. maybe later
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