October 1st, 2001


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Today I was hanging with my man, atypical_gnu. The plans were to see "Zoolander" and hang out a bunch. We did both.

Zoolander was really funny. Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell are very funny in it. There are lots of cameos in it as well, but the most noteworth by far is David Bowie. That scene was just great. I recommend seeing the movie if you are looking for some good laughs.

as for the hanging, there was discussions of restaurant naming, playing of basketball and video games, eating of pho and subway, and watching abel chat online. hehe. Had a good time.

On the drive home, I had another adventure. I got pulled over by a police car because one of my headlights is out.
The officer came up and he was like "You know you have a headlight out?" and I response "Yea, I just found out about a day or two ago."

He then asked me if I saw the new Kevin Smith movie. I assume the reason is because I have a Jay and Silent Bob sticker on the back of my car. I said it was great and very funny. And he goes on about how he loved it too and he loves all of Kevin's other movies too.

He then gave me a warning and said to get the light fix tomorrow. It was quite amusing. Kevin Smith kept me from getting a traffic ticket.

Also, I forgot about something work related I was suppose to do. There was this makeup training session at 6 that I completely forgot about. oops. I'm going to get some shit about that tomorrow at work. Oh well.
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Just about to leave for work. I have to be there at 9 today. For some reason, I just feel more awake today. Not sure why that is.

I'm hoping to use this to my advantage. Maybe get to work on time. Maybe have energy through out the day.
We shall see.
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New livejournal picture. was playing with the cam a bit today. It looks like I'm doing an impression of my older brother. except I know how to get better colors out of my cam now.

I got the hat today in the mail. I ordered it for my halloween costume, but I'm really loving it in general right now. I will be wearing it regularly, i think.
This is the front of it.
This is the back of it.

Work today really was getting on my nerves. I just couldn't wait to get out of there. It's nice to be home, but it would be nicer to go out and do fun things.
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