September 28th, 2001


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Last night I got to see evan's new place. It looks like it will be really cool. I'm sure I'll hang out there a bunch since both mark and evan live there. Their neighbors seemed really cool as well.
I like to think I leave good first impressions with people.

Another day of nothing worth mentioning about work. As we get closer to Halloween, things slowly get busier and busier. ugh.
If anyone comes out to Issaquah and buys a costume from Party for less while I'm working, I'll give you a discount. :)
I like it when people visit.

Tonight's plans. Tony is coming over to pick me up. There is talks of a movie night where we go watch Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back again. 8:25 at the pacific place if anyone wants to show up and watch the funniest movie of the year. There is dinner plans before then, but i don't know what or where.
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